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Updated: Aug 14, 2021

I have been awarded a Fellowship, through Artworks Alliance and their partner Barbican Guildhall, as part of a pilot in Scotland that pairs artists and “host” organisations to develop an artist-led relationship.


The Stove Network and myself

Platform and Jordan and Skinner

Fruitmarket Gallery and Juliana Capes

Dundee Contemporary Arts and Jonny Lyons

North Edinburgh Arts and Alice Betts

The aim of the Fellowship pairings is to deepen our understanding of artist/organisation relationships with a focus on creative learning and deepening socially engaged practice.

My focus (initially) – an integrated practice: how can we break down the separation between the parts of what we do so that one can better influence the other? Collective working between individual and organisational practices

· How do we support and integrate individual practice into organisational practice?

· How do we provide “space” for creative recuperation?

· How can organisations absorb, learn from the individual practice of its artists?

· Where does our individuality sit within that of the institution?

Thoughts on themes of conversation…

Provocation and interrogation of practice

Equality of influence and value

Freedom to play

Spaces to interact

Ways of connection

Shared authorship and resources

The audience as co-creator

We were told to be bold, think blue sky ambition, what are our needs as individual artists to get there…I need time; time to read, time for the unknown. It may not seem like blue-sky ambition but for me this is process-led development at its core – the blue-sky is there…I can see it and I’m exhilarated by it…but I do not have a specific target because I want the journey to lead, for there to be room for outside interaction and influence.

The first step is to create a space for it to start and leap into the unknown…

More information here:

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