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Ethical Framework in Practice

This document is a statement in practice based on the Values and Ethical Principles that underpin my work.


It has been developed by asking how my individual values and ethics sit within the collective spaces that I work in, with participating individuals, groups and with collaborating practitioners, organisations, funders and other partners.

It is not a fixed statement but an evolving and fluid document, a series of aspirational statements and approaches that I am developing and that I strive for. I will continue to evolve my approaches and share edited versions of this document with dates posted at the top. I welcome comments and feedback as contributions to this process,

Please use and share this piece of work as is useful to you, I am putting it out under Creative Commons Licensing and ask that you join me in acknowledging and crediting your sources in each iteration.

Ethical Framework in Practice: Katharine Wheeler © 2022 by Katharine Wheeler is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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