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rural mural

Rural Mural 


Can I co-create using a brand new medium (spray paint) and on unknown surfaces?


A Mural project bringing together 11 collaborating artists, local, Scottish and International, to paint large-scale murals at rural sites across Dumfries and Galloway for Spring Fling 2014. 


This was a challenge and I loved it. Not hugely because of the final works, next time I’d like to try a slimmed down palette, but the process and the scale. Co-creating a piece of work in design and production pushed me out of a box, instigated a love of the large scale and has started an slightly infatuated investigation into mural works across the world. Again, again, again!


Dalton Pottery mural with artist FiST and fuel tanks at Isabell Buenz’s studio collaborating with artist Amy Winstanley.


FiST (artist), Amy Winstanley (artist), Upland (art organisation), Recoat (Urban art and design)


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