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14.10.2021 Green Tease: Climate/Class/Culture

Creative Carbon Scotland

Green Tease: This event explored the intersection of climate, class and culture, thinking about how climate change is exacerbating existing inequalities, the need for climate policies to be socially just, and the importance of cultural organisations addressing their own barriers to participation in order to effectively help address climate change.

Presenting alongside Francis Stuart, Policy Officer at the Scottish Trades Union Congress 

You can read a summary text and more about the event here

4.2.2021 Wor Culture: Re-thinking the High Street

Newcastle University

Wor Culture: a space to discuss issues and opportunities relevant to the culture and creative sectors in the North East.


Presenting alongside Dr Emma Coffield on "Re-thinking the High Street, What role of arts and culture?" 

You can read more about the conversation and breakout discussions here 

2013 The Stove Network: Back to Back

This was a very early Stove project and the first I was involved in. A stop motion film following a street stencil project inviting passers by to join in decorating the space in front of the new Stove building (when it had just been handed over) and celebrate some of the other special places in their town


Film credit: John Wallace

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