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drawing out a practice

Drawing Out a Practice

An artist can be many things!


Drawing has been a foundation through my practice until I discovered the world of community and socially-engaged art and that that conversation, and making spaces for connection, could also be an "arts practice" and something I had always done.


Drawing however, is my familiar tool, part of the experience and skills that I bring to any given work or project. 15 years in making, building technique, and developing work ideas into shareable pieces has helped me hone the skills of what I call "creative development". Fast and observational drawing allows me to be responsive, playful and share a confidence in the creative process, one that can allow the process to lead the outcome. 

Practical activity is something that I believe can open new and different spaces to have difficult conversations and support other ways of seeing with others. Of course then there is just my love of paper, mixed media and painting in any shape and form.

This is a collection of images to share some of that with you...

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