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Artworks Fellowship


What is the relationship between freelance and organisational working, how can creative freelancers be a core part of decision-making and development in organisational structures?


To explore collective working between individual and organisational practices through my own practice and relationship to The Stove Network as an active example. To use the ArtWorks Fellowship to explore the strengths of individual practice and to increase cross-pollination between this and organisational development work with The Stove Network.


This Fellowship was a pilot in Scotland awarded through ArtWorks Alliance and their partner the Barbican Guildhall in London. The concept to support an artist and organisational pairing, one of 5 across Scotland for 2018, with a focus on exploring participatory practices and development of socially-engaged work. For me this spurred a particular interest in mutual learning, shared resource/authorship and co-working methods of development of work and ideas. How do we support the practice of artist-led work within organisational structures. In essence this has become an ongoing mutual learning journey through active practice and an example of continued professional development for both the individual and organisation, how we have interacted and support each other in best practice, the co-creation of ideas, building of relationships and shared resources to make better and more engaging and inclusive work.




10 month period of exploration - until December 2018
Interrogation of individual practice
An exploratory Lab: residence in Stove space for a week
Connection with other socially engaged practices and mentorship
A national and international residency (Norway)
A performance - new and terrifying!


The Stove Network (arts/community organisation), Artworks Alliance (arts organisation), Barbican Guildhall (arts organisation)


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