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Updated: Aug 14, 2021

...a dance between serious contemplation and abandoned enjoyment.


.in action or operation

.an activity for enjoyment

.to engage without proper seriousness or understanding

.to engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.

INplay began as an exploration of elements currently in play in my practice (and influential surroundings), the importance of play in our learning and practical approach, and became a practical contemplation of its various definitions, their individual relevancy and whether they are mutually exclusive?

I started off wanting to showcase where my studio practice has brought me to thus far in figurative painting and technique and ended up with a new found love for the process of development of work and a treasure-trove of new ideas to take forward.

Figurative, landscape, sketchbook and paper work in a muddle of theme, concept, focused and responsive mark-making.

It was surprising and unexpected. Some of it pained and over-worked but those are the pieces that led to a sudden freedom in expression in others, a love of paper and mixed media, and hopefully a glimpse of play taken into a finished work.

My hope was for the show to be an honest representation of the development of a theme in its multitude of directions, striping back to the sketchbook and letting the exploration there lead what was finally created.

…and then to put it all in one space…

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