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an artist.  

I am a socially-engaged artist, creative producer and leader in strategic projects.


I create spaces (and working structures that support those spaces), for the development of projects, and the creation of work, with people and communities.


I develop work that uses creative 'action' to explore ideas and ways for people to participate in local decision-making and grow our grassroots culture. 


As one of the core team at The Stove Network in Dumfries, I have been part of growing a collective community-focused practice that uses 'arts' activity in this way to co-develop large scale participatory arts at a strategic level.

Almost anything can be seen through a lens of creative exploration, and sometimes that is useful.


Katharine is an expert in holding the room for people. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable but her ability to take what can be a complex approach and make it accessible to understand is fantastic.

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Katharine Wheeler

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