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the art of movement

The Art of Movement


How can to capture movement in drawing?


To draw movement, explore and develop fast sketching techniques and responsive mark-making.


There is something in the immediacy and responsiveness of fast sketching from a live model. Life Drawing has been a continuous line through my practice that I continue to be passionate about. Particularly in quick sketching of 1-5minute poses   but in recent years this has developed into a fascination in responsive mark-making to the moving figure. It allows for a freedom of spontaneity I have not found in anything else.


The Art of Movement first started at The Catstrand, New Galloway, in collaboration with aerialist Haylee-Mia Edwards in 2014 and I have been exploring it since, most recently drawing rehearsals of the Scottish Dance Theatre.


Haylee-Mia (aerialist), Breezy Ethalion (performer and musician), Florencia Garcia (performer and artist), Sara Lockwood (dancer)


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